Alexander Blank

Managing Partner Rost Group

The goal of the Rost Outsourcing is the minimization of the expenses of the employing company and thus to support its financial health.

Introducing new products to the pharmaceutical market

Did you know: “You must let yourself see, not judge what happens around you. Respect the facts, even when they do not coincide with your expectations.”
Jack Trout, world-famous marketing specialist

Sometimes data gathered through reconnaissance in potential markets do not correspond to our best expectations. That is a good thing, because if you had not found about them at all, your success would have been very doubtful. Nonetheless, unsatisfactory survey data should not necessarily mean calling off all plans to conquer the market – it is only a reason to overhaul your old strategy or work out a new one. What do you need for that? To see the big picture.

We see the entire picture, because we go through the entire set of services to introduce new products to the pharmaceutical market in Ukraine, both for Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers.

Our activity includes:
  • Marketing studies of the pharmaceutical market, forming portraits of the consumer and the rival.
  • Development and implementation of a promotion strategy, planning the sales volume.
  • Selection and education of medical and sales representatives.
  • Establishing distribution channels
  • Launching of products
  • Implementation of an effective advertising and sales-stimulating tactic, quality informational support
  • Regular monitoring of the results, correction of activities, as well as reports.
We are always glad to cooperate with domestic and foreign partners and manufacturers, representatives, and exclusive distributors.

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