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The goal of the Rost Outsourcing is the minimization of the expenses of the employing company and thus to support its financial health.

Merchandising — the art of effective sales

Did you know that: Robert Colborne, a practitioner of merchandising says that “According to sudies, over 60% of women want to buy something hen they see it displayed in a showcase.”
We can add that 90% of pharmacy customers first study the windows cases or advertising materials in the pharmacy before buying something.

Merchandising is the art of presenting goods to the consumer in such a way as to increase sales.

Merchandising of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products requires special knowledge and skills, since the product is placed among thousands of other brand names in the pharmacy.
There is a certain culture to merchandising in the pharmacy: a special format for advertising materials, stickers and stands, the size of window cases and the lighting. It is difficult to attract the consumer's attention in these conditions, but it is necessary to do so even before he or she hears the pharmacist's recommendation.

Merchandising is one of our programs for promoting products in pharmacies. Other programs include the “Mystery Shopper” and the “Medical Consultant.” All of the methods we propose are adapted to the specifics of our product and the goals of its promotion, and so the instruments for advertising pharmaceuticals will be different during the launch of the program, its active promotion, or during seasonal sales activity.

Together with Rost Outsourcing you will learn about:
  • the rules of correctly placing your product on the stand;
  • the specifics, correct size, and appropriateness of advertising materials;
  • about secret methods of attracting and holding the consumer's attention on your product.
Let our experience help your sales!

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