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Managing Partner Rost Group

The Rost Outsourcing company is the minimization of the expenses of the employing company and thus to support its financial health.

Selection and education of medical and trade representatives

Did you know that:The more knowledgeable and skilled your personnel, the wider and deeper those skills will be – and the more possibilities will your workers have for activity, and the better the improvements and client service will be.”
Roger Hannam, MIT Professor

If all companies could have a 100% professional staff, there would have been neither leaders nor outsiders within the market, and the sales amount of the different companies would have been about equal. Luckily or not, this is not the way it is, and companies keep having to fight for the best workers.

In sales of pharmaceuticals, as in any other sales, much depends on the trade representatives. Rost Outsourcing selects and educated medical and sales representatives by proposing long-distance staff of specially trained workers.

The arsenal of the company includes: its own basis of medical and sales representatives, a tried system of exclusive contacts, established good relations with the heads of medical establishments, doctors, and their assistants. Our representatives are well-known, respected, and awaited. The use of our possibilities in the selection and education of personnel will let you lessen your expenses in both money and time, and not only to build the project from scratch, but to controlling it after its establishment.

Contact us, and we will share the secrets of building an effective team and of making effective sales.

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