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The goal of the Rost Outsourcing is the minimization of the expenses of the employing company and thus to support its financial health.

Development and implementation of pharmacy programs

“Advertisement has one goal – to sell the product. Everything else is from the Devil.”
Raymond Rubicam, famous founder of the Young and Rubicam advertisement agency.

The promotion of products at sales point is a necessary part of the general promotion strategy, because the pharmacy is where the buyer actually encounters the product, and the result of all promotional efforts depends on this encounter. This is why we have specially developed programs for pharmacies to stimulate sales and increase the buyers' awareness of pharmaceutical products.

Our programs include “Mystery Shopping,” “Merchandising,” and “Medical consultant.” The first program allows to analyze the work of pharmacists and consultants, to diagnose weak spots in customer service. You can learn more about the program on the “Mystery Shopper” page.
The “Merchandising” program allows you not only to make a quality presentation of your product to the consumer, but also to stimulate sales through special instruments and influence mechanics.

The “Medical consultant” program allows not only to sell products, but to inform the consumer about the product's parameters, to increase the level of trust for the product and the consultant both, and thus the general level of loyalty.

You can find out more about how our programs work and what results they gather by talking without manager. We will be glad to help!

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