Alexander Blank

Managing Partner Rost Group

The goal of the Rost Outsourcing is the minimization of the expenses of the employing company and thus to support its financial health.

Widening the sales geography of products

Did you know: strategies for the promotion of the same product can be completely different in far away regions of one country?

The logical result of a successful business Is the widening of the geography of your sales. This always a difficult task, because it is not enough to be merely present on site to get the new division to work as necessary. One needs to be able to quickly study the market, the competition, and the consumer, to establish contacts with partners, sales representatives, distributors, fight for the best places on the shelves and in the heads of buyers, and many other things. The absence of full knowledge about the new market makes the strategic planning of the introduction and promotion of the new products, as well as the selection of a communications strategy that much more difficult. And what about the business in other regions? Are you certain that it will do well as you conquer a new market?

You can be completely confident in the success of this momentous task if you leave it to us. We have a developed regional system that allows us to initiate and control such a process in nearly all Ukrainian regions, and not fall behind in plans and timing. The results of our efforts will be seen in our reports and the results your sales.

Our specially trained personnel, established net of contacts, and the powerful resource and intellectual base has allowed us to feel proud of successfully accomplished projects for leaders of the Ukrainian and foreign markets for over 9 years.

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