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Olga Belozerova about the Conference on Human Resources: "We have involved the best evaluation system"

December, 2012

Recently there was a conference "Staff evaluation: the best case studies and tools for version HRM.UA", which visited Olga Belozerova, Staff Director of Rost Outsourcing.

The conference presented the top 10 cases, 6 parallel workshops and business simulation in personnel evaluation.

"Sandoz Company has developed a comprehensive approach to assessing knowledge and teachings, - said Olga. - Pleasure to know that we have addressed all of the tools of the system. This double/triple visits, and independent evaluation - proring doctors and pharmacies, and trace visits, and outreach in the region, in the central office: product managers, head of external service, marketing managers, HR-manager, business partners. There is comprehensive evaluation of field staff on the basis of test results, role-playing as a team with a record of a visit to the video, the results of the double/triple visits and independent evaluation (ring out and trace visits) at regional events."

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